What is The Bennett Buzz?


Who are we?

The Bennett Buzz is a student-run news website from Bennett Memorial Diocesan School in Kent. On this platform, students practise their journalism and photography skills. They share views on current affairs, report on school events and write subject-related articles.

Editors: Lauren Hooker, Rachel Seeland-Scott and Cleo Hooper.

How can I get involved?

If you want to submit an article you will need to follow these article guidelines:

  • The file name of articles should follow the format: student name, tutor group – article title. For example:

Tips On Writing a Better Article

  • Email articles to bennettbuzz@bennett.kent.sch.uk
  • Articles are not essays. No-one is going to mark them, but a lot of people are going to read them! Therefore, use balanced language and take great care to ensure accuracy and fairness.
  • Always be generous in writing about others-there is no place for unkindness
  • We encourage that everyone uses at least one image in each article
  • Images MUST be sourced
  • Consider who/what/when/how/why
  • Keep your audience in mind. Is it accessible for everyone?
  • Bear in mind our school values. Try to be hopeful as well as accurate, compassionate as well as honest.
Disclaimer: Bennett Buzz is a student-led paper with student contributions. It is aimed at developing both interest and opportunity for young journalists and for super-curricular contributors. Articles that are submitted for publication are edited for quality and accuracy, but the school remains politically neutral and therefore these articles do not represent any position of the school.