The Peer Mentor Group: A Background.

By Georgia Kitchener.


The Peer Mentor Team was set up by Deputy Head Girl Maeeshah Rabbani in 2017 to encourage a different approach to the welfare of students at Bennett, working hand-in-hand with the current Welfare Team.

Peer Mentoring is what it says on the tin, a team of peers, specifically Year 12 and 13 students, who volunteer their time, one form time a week to a student in the lower school and mentor them. This has been seen to be beneficial in many ways, including bridging the gap between lower school students and sixth formers and encouraging awareness and conversations about mental health. We offer all students who need our help, one-to-one discussion with a peer, which gives them someone closer their age to talk to: someone who may well have experienced similar issues to them. It’s often much easier to relate to them than to a teacher.

This opportunity to give back to those younger than us, going through experiences similar to those we had only a few years ago, is rewarding for both parties. Mental health, such an important aspect of our school lives, becomes something which we can become comfortable discussing. Our school values encourage us to flourish, something that only be achieved when both physical and mental health are looked after in equal measure.

With a team of experienced Year 13s and a number of new Year 12s waiting to be enrolled, the peer mentoring group is filled with confidence for the coming year. We are hoping, after this introduction, to be able to write more articles about mental health awareness and wellbeing – so stay tuned!

Currently leading the team of mentors is Francesco Montoro, Georgia Kitchener and Alex Kinson. If you have any questions about the team don’t hesitate to contact them.